Hi, that's good to hear. Yes, Semantic Calendar still has the problem that it needs caching to be disabled on a page it's on for the user to be able to go to other months, although I don't think using the Special:Ask page is the answer - calendars should really be embeddable within normal pages, instead of having to be linked to.

Also, SC has its own date handling, using code borrowed from Temlakos' "Historical Date" class, so I think it should be fine for now regardless of how SMW handles dates.


On Thu, Oct 16, 2008 at 1:52 AM, Markus Krötzsch <markus@semantic-mediawiki.org> wrote:
On Wednesday, 15. October 2008, Yaron Koren wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm thinking of changing Semantic Calendar to simply define an #ask query
> format, which would be called 'calendar', instead of using its own parser
> function (#semantic_calendar); and at the same time moving all the code
> into the Semantic Result Formats extension instead of having it be a
> standalone extension. Would that be alright?

Sure, that would be perfect.

> If so, I have a few questions:
> - should this move wait until SMW 1.4 is released, or could it be done
> earlier?

You can do it earlier; if changes in the result printers are required, we will
make the necessary adjustments on all SRF printers right away. There will be
some changes in the capabilities and features of SMWTimeValue, but unless you
rely on getXSDValue(), there is probably no need to react there.

Be aware, however, that some dates might be historic, so that you cannot rely
on PHP time functions without first checking if the date is in the proper
range (there will be a method to check this, the SVN version is not there
yet). In the long run, it may or may not be possible to directly access the
built-in calendar awareness of SMWTimeValue to cover historic dates too.

> - how should the language definitions of Semantic Calendar be handled? I
> don't believe any formats currently in SRF have a language file. Should
> each format use its own language file, or should there be one for all of
> SRF?

SRF should get its own language file, and it seems that one file for all would
be most convenient (and not much overhead). This would also be needed to move
the timeline messages to SRF. Feel free to ask Siebrand to register this at
translatewiki.net, or ask Denny to take care of this (he maintains SRF).

> - are there any other issues I should consider about this move?

None I can think of now. Does the calendar still require the special setting
for enabling calendar page flipping in-page? It might be possible to solve
this by moving page-flipping to Special:Ask, and merely have previous/next
month link being customised versions of "further results" (see e.g. the RSS
printer code on how to add arbitrary params to further result links).

Right now, SRF registers all printers by default, i.e. if nothing else was
specified after including. I guess this will change to include only formats by
default that (1) do not need further MediaWiki extensions to be installed
first, and (2) do not call to external web services. In this case, the
calendar would be among the defaults.


> -Yaron

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