Oh, I didn't realize JpGraph wasn't open-source - that's too bad, I guess. :) One other possibility is Javascript-based graphing, which I'm guessing is how Google Charts works anyway. I found this library, PlotKit, which is open-source and actually looks quite nice:



On Tue, Jul 8, 2008 at 11:22 AM, Denny Vrandečić <dvr@aifb.uni-karlsruhe.de> wrote:
Karlsruhe says Hi. :)

Good point, Yaron. SMW sure should not be dependant on an external
service -- that is why the Google Charts API visualization is switched
off by default. But you are right -- it should actually be an extension
of itself, and removed from the SMW code entirely again. As soon as I
have the time -- or if someone takes it up -- it should be done.

Regarding 3rd party libraries to replace Google's service:
* JpGraph, unfortunately, is not Open Source
* MovGP0 suggested to take a look at gnuplot, which is extremely
powerful, stable, well maintained, etc. It is just a pity their demo
plots also don't look too nice (maybe there are options for nicer fonts
and anti-aliasing?). And it would be a binary extension -- gnuplot is
written in C (which makes installations in some settings more
complicated), but otherwise it seems workable.
* ploticus seems to be an alternative as well. But it seems to be pretty
similar to gnuplot, so I could not decide between the two (they both
look similarly pretty...)

Oh, and there was a mistake in the installation description. It should
not be




It is updated on the wiki


Yaron Koren wrote:
> Brooklyn says hi. :) Let me say that even this simple demonstration of
> charts looks amazing - this really brings up a lot of possibilities.
> However, I think it's a bad idea to include this code directly in SMW.
> The Google Charts service is free, but it's not open source, which means
> that (a) they could start charging for it at any time, and (b) the whole
> project now becomes reliant on this URL staying up. Even if neither of
> those ever become a real issue, there may be companies and organizations
> that have a strict open-source policy for the applications they use, and
> SMW would now violate those. I think this code is much better off
> getting packaged as a "Semantic Google Charts" extension, using the same
> hooking-into-the-ask-query approach that Semantic Google Maps now takes.
> I don't know if I should be the one to do that (I guess we can talk
> about that). But if that happens, it still would be nice to have an
> open-source graphing library directly within SMW - that JpGraph library
> looks like a good one, although the graphs it creates look ugly as sin
> compared to Google's - maybe that can be changed.
> -Yaron
> On Tue, Jul 8, 2008 at 10:15 AM, Krabina Bernhard <krabina@kdz.or.at
> <mailto:krabina@kdz.or.at>> wrote:
>     > Now this may be the fastest granted wished feature ever :)
>     wow! I'm impressed! I will definitely give it a try.
>     > I do not expect to have much time to explore this further,
>     > even though it would be very cool to choose colours and to
>     > add more info, and to use more of the chart types that Google
>     > offers. It would be even cooler if someone could find an Open
>     > Source library that can create these charts itself (didn't
>     > find something when browsing shortly), so that the data does
>     > not have to be sent to Google, and so that we can expand it
>     > more easily, and make it a proper self contained part of SMW.
>     > So if you want to take over development here, feel free to do
>     > so! We probably will not clash when doing it (but you may
>     > drop a note on the dev list before you do something bigger so
>     > that we prevent double work).
>     The problem is that I'm no PHP developer. So I can add something here or
>     there and provide translations, but I have not the skills to take over a
>     project.
>     But I know someone who is doing a great job in taking over other's
>     somewhat
>     abandoned projects ;-)
>     [hint] greetings to brooklyn [/hint]
>     Regarding library, maybe http://www.aditus.nu/jpgraph/ is worth
>     considering?
>     cheers,
>     Bernhard
>     > Krabina Bernhard wrote:
>     > > Dear SMW developers,
>     > >
>     > > in the German speaking magazin c't I read an interesting article on
>     > > the Google Charts API: http://code.google.com/apis/chart/
>     > >
>     > > Would't it be nice to see a SemanticGoogleCharts-Extension
>     > where Data
>     > > of a Semantic Mediawiki can be displayed using the Google API?
>     > >
>     > > (Or maybe use this one: http://code.google.com/apis/visualization?)
>     > >
>     > > Come on, PHP-cats show me what you can do ;-)
>     > >
>     > > cheers,
>     > > Bernhard
>     > >
>     > >
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