After almost a year of inactivity for the project, I've taken over the Semantic Google Maps extension. This was done with permission from Robert Buzink, the extension's creator, who says he's no longer doing semantic programming. Today I released the overhauled version of the extension, which you can read more about, and download, here:


There are various changes and additions to the code:

- the '#insert_map' parser function, which displays a single point on a map, has been renamed '#semantic_google_map' (the old name is still supported, for backwards compatibility).
- the 'coordinatesmap' Semantic Forms input type has been renamed 'googlemap' (again, the old name is still supported for backwards compatibility).
- the extension now defines a new SMW #ask query format, 'googlemap'. If this extension is added, setting 'format=googlemap' in an #ask query will display the resulting set of pages on a Google Map, assuming that one of the fields being retrieved is of type 'Geographical coordinates'. This allows display of many points on a single map. (Note that I believe SGM is now the first extension to overload the 'format' parameter - hopefully this approach will eventually be adopted by other extensions as well).
- the single piece of displayed text in the extension, "Look up coordinates", has been put into an internationalization file so that it can be translated into other languages.
- there were a few bug fixes.

Also, the code is no longer contained in a single file on the wiki - it's in three files within a directory, and the code is now in the MediaWiki SVN repository.

I encourage everyone who already uses this extension to upgrade to the latest version, and everyone else to take a look at it.