Congratulations, it looks like the extension is ready for widespread adoption now. This looks like it will be a quite useful piece of functionality. It might also get added to a certain wiki-hosting solution sometime soon. :)

Unfortunately, no one on this list has the power to grant MediaWiki SVN accounts. As far as I know, there's only one person who can do that at the moment, and that's head MW developer Brion Vibber, at You just have to send him the username you'd like to have, your SSH key on whatever server you'd like to check in code from, and your reason for wanting a developer account. Though I should note that he has an unfortunate tendency to take up to four months to create an SVN account - something to think about in planning a course of action, perhaps. (Or you could try including an "URGENT" in the email, and see if that helps.)


On Thu, Jul 3, 2008 at 1:18 PM, Steren <> wrote:
I had the time to work on the Semantic Tasks internationalization.
It's done and you can check out the last version in the CC git
repository (git clone

I think it is now ready to be moved to the MediaWiki SVN. As I said
earlier, the Creative Commons Tech team would like to keep an hand on
it. Is it possible to give a SVN account to Nathan Yergler
<>, Asheesh Laroia
<> and Nathan Kinkade
<> ?


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