I have two thoughts about this:

- If you have a property like "Is happy" that can apply to every page using this template, you might as well make it a template field - that will standardize the data, and make it easier for users.
- if you still want to store it as free text within the template, you can just remove the "Specific Comment" semantictag - I don't know if it'll really be useful to store the whole comment semantically.


On Wed, Mar 19, 2008 at 10:08 AM, Alex Le Bek <alexlebek@googlemail.com> wrote:
I am using SMW Forms where fields are mapped onto properties within a template which are instantiated with blocks of text[[Has Type::Text]].
The wiki contributors need to embed some simple property markup in the field's text which I suppose means properties within properties? However this causes parser problems because the opening brackets of the template property for the field matches the closing bracket of the first embedded property. Am I missing something or isn't this allowed?
->Template where property 'Specific Comment' is instantiated with param 'Comment'
! Specific Comments:
| [[Specific Comment::{{{Comment|}}}]]
->Example where 'Comment' itself contains property markup
|Comment= I am a very [[is happy::person]] and I hope you are too.
->Results in
Specific Comments:  person and I hope you are too.]] 

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