I'm pretty sure this is actually a problem with Semantic Forms - I assume it's a form that's populating the template in question. I just looked it up, and I think I see the issue. Semantic MediaWiki has language-file values called "smw_true_words" and "smw_false_words" that specify all the possible values you can set a Boolean property to to mean true and false; these obviously differ from language to language. In SMW 0.7, the values usually looked like "t,yes,y" or "f,no,n" for any specific language, with "true", "1", "false" and "0" defined elsewhere as being valid regardless of the language being used. I had Semantic Forms just get out the 2nd value in this list to populate the template with, since I figured that "yes" and "no", or their equivalents, were the best choice. However, in SMW 1.0 it looks like the values have changed - it's now usually "true,t,yes,y" and "false,f,no,n", with only "0" and "1" as the pre-defined options across all languages. Another blow against English hegemony, I guess. :) Anyway, as you could suspect, I never bothered to change SF's behavior, since I wasn't aware of the problem, and no one had complained until now. I can easily change the code to use the 3rd option now, i.e. "yes" and "no" or their equivalents, if the version of SMW is 1.0 or greater. How does that sound? Or do you think "true" and "false" is better?


On Wed, Feb 27, 2008 at 9:14 AM, Guy Heathcote <guy.heathcote@ordnancesurvey.co.uk> wrote:

I realise that I'm probably missing something simple, but I'm having trouble
working out how to display a boolean property assignment as anything other
than 't' or 'f'.

As it stands, I've taken the Semantic Forms route in creating properties
(some being Boolean), a template and an associated form, using the Create
helpers.  The resulting template assigns and displays the value for each
property, with the boolean values appearing as 't' or 'f' in the body of the
page and as 'True' or 'False' in the Factbox.

This is all very well, but the 't' and 'f' values aren't very user friendly
and I'd like to change them to something more meaningful.  I've tried using
the Parser Function extension, but nothing seems to do what I need.  The
documentation for the Boolean datatype itself gives an example of how to
change the display text when used within a query, but not at the point of

So, other than use a different datatype, or maybe write a custom extension,
are there any other options open to me?  I'm running out of ideas.

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