Thanks, I'm glad you like it! And it'll be neat to see it in use on other wikis. Yes, the extension will still be supported by me (I have a few ideas on how to extend the calendar further, to allow for things like repeated events), and hopefully by the community as well; and Betawiki is already providing new translations. I set the status to "experimental" because apparently MediaWiki doesn't allow "alpha"; maybe I'll just change it to "beta".


On Feb 7, 2008 8:45 AM, Markus Krötzsch <> wrote:
Congratulations Yaron! Another really cool extension. It looks amazing, and I
think we have numerous uses of that on our various wikis. Will this extension
be supported and further developed in the future (since it still
says "experimental" on the homepage)?

Best regards,


On Donnerstag, 7. Februar 2008, Yaron Koren wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> It's my great pleasure to announce the release of a new MediaWiki
> extension, Semantic Calendar. This extension uses a parser function to turn
> any page into a monthly calendar, displaying pages that contain semantic
> date information. It also allows for querying, in the manner of the #ask
> function, to filter the set of results displayed. Its reliance on SMW makes
> it, I think, the easiest-to-use of all the calendar extensions: there's no
> need for special categories or naming of pages. The single complication of
> this extension is that it requires that caching be turned off in the wiki
> that uses it, to enable correct display and querying of the data (there
> might be a way around this requirement eventually).
> You can see the extension page here:
> The development of this extension was funded by IdeaCrew for use on the
> FEMA Region III Levees Wiki; you can see the calendar in use here:
> Feel free to download it and try it out; for now you can send any bug
> reports, suggestions etc. directly to me.
> -Yaron

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