This is a question about Semantic Forms, which is actually a separate extension with its own mailing list. But the short answer is that it's a bug in the 'CreateForm' page, which doesn't recognize this specific layout of template fields; but you can easily get around it by just creating the form, then manually adding whatever fields are missing, in whatever placement you want.


On Jan 30, 2008 8:37 AM, John Carter <> wrote:
I have a template to create a page for a family that looks (in part) like the following...
[[person::{{{FirstName1|}}} {{{LastName1|}}}]]
{{#if {{{FirstName2|}}} | [[person::{{{FirstName2|}}} {{{LastName2|}}}]] }}
The first line accepts the First and Last Names as separate fields for sorting purposes, e.g., to make a mailing list. The semantic property Person creates a page that is a concatenation of First and Last Name.
The second line does all the same things, and it also uses ParserFunctions to suppress the display of a blank line if there is no data.
The template does work... if I manually create an entry, all the right things happen.
When I add this template to the Create Forms page using Semantic Forms, I don't see LastName1 or LastName2 at all on the create page.
Bug, user error, something else? Any ideas most appreciated...
John S. Carter

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