Yeah, this is possible - what you're talking about are called subqueries in SMW; you can see how to use them here:

My understanding is that these can be done recursively (subqueries within subqueries, to many levels), but I've never tried it, and the documentation doesn't mention it.


On 10/23/07, Nathan Yergler <> wrote:
Is it possible in SMW 1.0 to do transitive queries?  By transitive I
mean filtering using properties of properties (aka sub-queries).  For
example, we have a set of pages that live in [[Category:Press Hit]].
Each page may have an author attribute, for example
[[author::Nathan_Yergler]].  An author may also have an organization,
such as [[organization:=Creative Commons]].

My goal is to get a list of press hits authored by Creative Commons staff.

Suggestions on how to write that in an <ask> query?



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