On discoursedb.org, we changed the "value_xsd" field to be of type "text", and haven't had any performance issues as a result.


On 9/25/07, S Page <info@skierpage.com> wrote:
Folger, Deborah H wrote:
> Currently our attributes of type string are limited to 255 characters.
> We need to increase the size of type string to about 8K.
> Has anyone experienced issues with having an attribute string size of
> 8K?
> Effect query execution time, performance, etc.

No, I haven't tried.  I would search for 255 and 256 in the code (it
should be a constant...).  SMW_DV_String.php has a check for length and
SMW_SQLStore.php creates
    'value_xsd'         => 'VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL',

That column is used for nearly every attribute (every property that's
not a Wiki page in 1.0), so obviously there's a hit in database size.

Note that SMW 1.0 will (probably) have a Type:Text that does not have a
length limitation; the tradeoff as I understand it that you can't query
for particular values of it.  Try it out,

=S Page

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