You could disable the Dynamic Article List extension, by removing the include of it in LocalSettings.php; then you should be able to see the page and undo your last change.


On 9/14/07, Folger, Deborah H <> wrote:
We have some wiki pages that call Dynamic Article List extension.
If we do something to break the function of the page we get a Database
Error page when we display the page.
It is not displayed in the normal wiki environment so there are no tabs
and no way to get to edit the page or delete the page or do anything to
the page.  So essentially the entire content of the page is lost.  We
have no way to access it and fix the problem.  Again the problem is when
we click on a link to the page we just get a page displaying the
database error with no tabs or anything. How can we edit the page or
retrieve the content of the page?  Accessing the page as WikiSysop does
not change this behavior.

      Deborah Folger
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Intelligent Information Systems
Mathematics and Computing Technology
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