It sounds like your version of SMW is 0.7 or earlier, but you're trying to use the conventions of SMW 1.0 (which hasn't yet been released). Currently, relations are defined with a double-colon, so the first line should read:

Some text [[test relation::Foo]]


On 8/26/07, Ivan Molineris < > wrote:
If I write a page named Bar with the text

Some text [[test relation := Foo]]

I get the link to the page Foo in the second case but not in the first.
If y write a page named Attribute:Test_relation whith the text

[[has type::Type:Page]]

in the factbox of the Bar page I get "[Oops! Unsupported type "Page" defined for attribute]" even if I cut and paste the content of "Type:Page" from

any idea of what I have to do to correct this problem?

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