In your attribute page (I assume you're talking about the page "Attribut:Lien"), you need to include a tag to define that attribute's type. If the type is "string", which it probably is, you should include the following:

[[has type::Type:String]]

...or maybe the French-language equivalent of that.


On 3/4/07, Mben <> wrote:

Thanks for your last support, I'm trying to mix mediaWiki Template with
SW and it's fantastic !
Anyway, I have an other problems while using Attributes. Indeed, SW
recognizes the Attribute, but does not associates it any value ("[Oups !
Aucun type de donné n'a été assigné à l'attribut]" - [Oops! No type
defined for attribute])...
Would anybody know how to help me?

Thanks again for your great work,


Benjamin Jean

S Page a écrit :
> Mben wrote:
>> We are the members of Veni Vidi Libri, a project that aims at
>> informing the developers of non-free softwares about free licenses.
> You might find the the ideas and templates used on for
> fruitful, those pages
> record facts about semantic wiki software.
>> I installed a wiki of test ( ), and I meet some
>> problems : it is not possible to me to make any search. The
>> categories and the attributes exist, but the tag <ask> gives me no
>> answer.
>> For example, I tried
>> (
>> < Ask >
>> [ [Catégorie:Licences]]
>> < / ask >
> > Nothing happened...
> It looks like you figured out that you need to specify properties to
> show, e.g. [[System::*]]; see
> I wonder, perhaps someone has attempted translations of the SMW help
> pages?  The "canonical" versions are whatever is on, and
> I guess most semantic wikis copy and paste those, or modify their own
> help system to point to them.
>> Finally, I noticed that certain terms could be used as much in French
>> as in English (as category, rather than Category): is there a look-up
>> table available?
> I'm not sure I understand your question.  You have to use localized
> terms -- [[Category:Licences]] doesn't work on your wiki, it has to be
> [[Catégorie:Licences]]
> The French localization of names in the SMW extension is in the file
> mediawiki/extensions/SemanticMediaWiki/languages/SMW_LanguageFr.php
> (view latest at
> )
> But Catégorie is part of "base" MediaWiki, the localization of some
> names in MediaWiki is in mediawiki/languages/messages/MessagesFr.php
> --
> =S Page

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