We had this problem too in our implementation at discoursedb.org; our solution was to have the "Refresh" tab show up for all users, not just administrators, on every page. That way anyone who adds or changes content can refresh the data themselves if they don't see their changes appearing. The danger with this approach is that it could led to site slowness, but we haven't observed that yet on our site.

If you want to do it, you just have to comment out the "if" check ( "if($wgUser->isAllowed('delete')){" ) in the file "SMW_RefreshTab.php".


On 11/21/06, Fernando Correia <fernandoacorreia@gmail.com> wrote:
How do you handle the page cache for pages that use inline queries?

If a page has an inline query, for instance, to show all pages from a category, and I edit another page to insert it on the category, the page with the query will not reflect this change.

Only if I purge the page cache manually it will be updated.

This behavior seems to make the inline queries not so useful, because there is a high chance they will be showing incorrect data as the wiki evolves.

I'd like to know if anyone has developed strategies to handle this.

Since I'm new to MediaWiki, I don't know what strategy would be better.

Thank you.

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