On 8/30/06, HumanCell. org <humancell@gmail.com > wrote:
> > ...also, this isn't a change per se, but we configured SMW to not display
> > the list of all relations and attributes at the bottom of each page; if you
> > were wondering where they went. Also, we changed the skin around a little
> > bit to give the site its own look.
> This  is  you only change I feel uncomfortable with. If your users are
> supposed  to enter semantic information in the wiki as well, they need
> some  kind  of  feedback. Also, the "factbox" is a quick way to navigate
> tot  the relation/attribute names in order to find out what they mean,
> profit  from  unit-auto-conversion  (maybe  no  so  important for your
> case).

Here are two other options apart from factbox/no-factbox
- factbox exists but is collapsed.  It can expanded to reveal the full factbox
- mouse-over: moving the mouse over a semantic annotation shows the details

I think that first option is a good idea. We wanted to keep the semantic annotation out to avoid confusing the average reader, who would just be there to read information and, if they ever wanted to enter information, could just use templates: the assumption was that most people will not want to see all this machine-like info at the bottom. On the other hand, some people will definitely benefit from seeing it, and from having that RDF link, which is now missing. A link at the bottom, saying "View semantic data" or something like that, would work well; it would take you to that same page, with all the data, and there another link would read "Hide semantic data". This could be turned into another setting for $smwgShowFactbox in the LocalSettings.php file; something like "SMW_FACTBOX_COLLAPSED".

Thanks for the other good feedback; we'll see how well allowing everyone to refresh pages works. I still think is the right thing to do: if it's not allowed, it'll lead to a lot of confusion (as we both had early on) over why one's recent changes and additions don't appear in other pages; savvy users will figure out that they can refresh the data by resaving those other pages, which itself would be a hit on the server, in addition to leading to a lot of unnecessary versions.