Hi all,
I'm wondering if anyone out there has any experience integrating their wiki installation with an existing Digitial Asset Management system?

At my institution, we've got a massive DAM with millions of images. Obviously we really don't want to import/copy any images into the wiki.

However, some of the more useful features of image handling in the wiki, such as the RichMedia tool, WYSIWYG , the image page, etc, all depend on an image being uploaded to the wiki.

Currently, when I want to show an image from the DAM in the wiki, I just reference the full URL in the wiki text.
But that doesn't play nice with the WYSIWYG editor.

I've described this problem previously as "Being able to use externally-referenced images in [[Image tags," but haven't heard any solutions yet.

But maybe if I describe it as "DAM Integration" the importance of this feature will seem more apparent, or a different kind of solution will present itself? Because I could imagine some sort of proxy could be used to do DAM integration, and you still wouldn't need to support "External URLs" in [[Image tags.

Seems like someone out there must be dealing with this issue. Anyone?

Don Undeen
Metropolitan Museum of Art