Thanks for replying!

I see...

Well, perhaps the 1.0.1 would be quite enough.

But is it OK to now delete current SMW tables and then install 1.0.1?

And if yes, then do I have to refresh every single page after installation so that SMW gets the needed info into its structures?

S Page <> wrote:
Nav Ail wrote:

> I have a problem with properties. I've installed MW 1.12 and the SMW
> from the SVN.

Latest SMW from SVN is always risky as it's under development. Is there
any reason you need post SMW 1.01 features? If not, stick with the
release version on SourceForge.

> I've annotated a page to test properties, like this:
> [[parent::John]]
> [[child::Smith]]

> Under the page I get:
> --------------------------------------------------
> Facts about Test
> Child
> Smith +

That last part is wrong. The "+" and magnifying glass should be a link
to Special:SearchByProperty/Child/Smith which will show all pages with
that property and value. They should *not* be another edit link.

I've never seen this sort of problem.

> Facts about Test
This second fact box shouldn't be there. The Special:SearchByProperty
stuff shows up here but as the start of a garbled property name.

So some screw-up in page parsing has made SMW think that you have
properties with a nonsensical name, when this is something that SMW
inserts into the page HTML. It's as if SMW is re-parsing its own output.

Everything else you describe is a follow-on from this.

> Then I try to search with Special:Ask page:
> [[parent::John]]
> ...but get 0 results

Probably because the properties SMW stored have the
Special:SearchByProperty/ junk on the front. You could look at your
smw_relations table using a tool like phpMyAdmin to confirm.

> Then I check the Special:Properties page and get:
> SearchByProperty/Parent ...

> Why does it put "SearchByProperty
> there,

Original parsing messed up.

=S Page

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