Hello Yaron and all,
I have trouble with ImportCSV function in DataTranfer extension. The ImportCSV works fine with english csv file but fails with Chinese csv file.
The version of DataTransfer is the latest 0.3.2. Both the MySql and wiki-db are set to UTF-8 character set.
When I input Chinese charaters into CSV file and save it with UTF-8 encoding (no BOM), None of the following two cases works well:
1) For English (en) version of Mediawiki, the first line of csv file looks like "Title,People[name],People[Email],People[Telehone]",
    the following several lines are Chinese characters. The file can be imported but the Chinese characters can't be displayed correctly in page.
2) For Chinese (zh-cn) version of Mediawiki, all content in the CSV file are Chinese characters and encoded with UTF-8.
    In this case the CSV file can't be imported, and the error information is:
       Error: the column 0 header, '±êÌâ', must be either '标题', '自由文本' or of the form 'template_name[field_name]'
   That is to say, the '标题' (Title) can't be encoding with UTF-8 well, and the system can't regard them to be equal.
I'm sure my CSV files are encoded in UTF-8 without BOM header. I check it with hex code in UltraEdit.
So, I don't whether it's my problem or the system bug. 
Does anyone import CSV file with Chinese character successfully?
Thanks a lot.
Best regards!
Mingkai Dong