Another thought is to expand #ask: queries so that it can operate against a page's fullpagename. Today, everyone needs to store a page's fullpagename in order to reference it within a query, a highly inefficient use of storage etc. It would be terrific if #ask could support a new special property "Fullpagename". An example is this:

  {{#ask: [[ Fullpagename ::~ Template:Foo* ]]

This seems a smallish project but others may be warning of its pitfalls.

On 11/6/2013 7:22 AM, Chenoweth, Stephen V wrote:



Any ideas for a serious class project, like in PHP, perhaps, that also would be useful to SMW?


I have 23 talented junior CS majors who built a SMW-based Wiki this fall.  When populated with data, it will show the flow of concepts related to our courses, etc. at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.


This same class is next heading into a course in software design.  I would love to give them a design and programming project to do, which could benefit this particular Wiki they built, but which also would be of interest to you, the SMW community.  I suggested PHP, above, because a key goal of the design course is for the students to become adept at software patterns and other OO skills.


As a student project, this should not be something critical in your development path, but, ideally, if they produced a high quality result, it is something that might end up rolled into the general product or might become an extension.  In previous classes, we have ended up submitting results back into SourceForge.


So, do you have specific ideas that come to mind?  Or, do you have a “wish list” already, that they could go look at, and choose for themselves?


We would love to have this class be the test case for an ongoing relationship.


Your recommendations are greatly appreciated!


Steve Chenoweth

Assoc Prof, CSSE



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