We are running SMW 1.4 with Mediawiki 1.13.2 and are very happy about both, but we have a quite strange problem...

I am using a template in a page {{MyTemplate|keyword_1=Bla|keyword_2=Bli}} to generate the following links [[Keyword::Bla]] [[Keyword:Bli]]

It is working fine when I save the page (I can see the perperty Keyword set properly when I press the link "Browse Properties".

However, if I edit the template MyTemplate (which is used a lot of places...) , and then use runJobs.php to refresh all links, the properties are sometimes lost: for some of the pages where the template is used, I cannot see the property Keyword when I press the link "Browse Properties".

What is really weird is that it is not all pages (some are still working), and that I really cannot see what could create the problem only for some of the pages...

Has anybody experienced something as similar ?