The original version of this message was delayed as it was too big, due to screen shots, so here's a smaller version without them. I'm away on holiday after today but will respond to any suggestions when I return on October 13th.
I installed as per the instructions and everything appears perfect, apart from the fact that I don't have the Browse properties entry in my toolbox. This is a brand new installation with only three other extensions installed and some additional namespaces defined. Evidence and Version page extract shown below. Any advice would be appreciated - I searched the archive for 'toolbox' and found nuttin'.
You'll have to do without the evidence of the toolbox, but I assure you there's no Browse Properties there. Here's a text copy of the Version page:
Product   Version
MediaWiki  1.13.0
PHP  5.2.6 (apache2handler)
MySQL  5.0.67
Installed extensions
Parser hooks
ParserFunctions (Version 1.1.1)  Enhance parser with logical functions  Tim Starling
PathFunctions (Version 0.99.0)  A reimplementation of the builtin variables PAGENAME etc. with the ability
to specify what page to evaluate on.  Carl F?rstenberg (AzaToth)
Semantic MediaWiki (Version 1.2.2)  Making your wiki more accessible – for machines and humans.
View online documentation.  Klaus Lassleben, Markus Krötzsch, Denny Vrandecic, S Page, and others. Maintained by AIFB Karlsruhe.
StringFunctions (Version 2.0.1)  Enhances parser with string functions  Juraj Simlovic and Ross McClure
Extension functions
smwfSetupExtension, wfSetupParserFunctions, wfSetupPathFunctions and wfStringFunctions
Parser extension tags
<ask> and <pre>
Parser function hooks
anchorencode, ask, basepagename, basepagenamee, concept, defaultsort, displaytitle, explode, expr, filepath,
formatnum, fullpagename, fullpagenamee, fullurl, fullurle, grammar, if, ifeq, iferror, ifexist, ifexpr, info,
int, language, lc, lcfirst, len, localurl, localurle, namespace, namespacee, ns, numberofadmins,
numberofarticles, numberofedits, numberoffiles, numberofpages, numberofusers, pad, padleft, padright,
pagename, pagenamee, pagesincategory, pagesize, plural, pos, rel2abs, replace, rpos, show, special, sub,
subjectpagename, subjectpagenamee, subjectspace, subjectspacee, subpagename, subpagenamee, switch, tag,
talkpagename, talkpagenamee, talkspace, talkspacee, time, timel, titleparts, uc, ucfirst, urldecode and urlencode
LocalSettings updates for SMW:
# SemanticMediaWiki extension definitions ....
# We need to set the namespace index before enabling SMW, which normally
# uses 100 to 109 (100 and 101 only if $smwgSMWBetaCompatible is set, which
# it isn't here. With the setting below, we are reserving 110 to 119 for SMW.
# This value must be the lowest even namespace number not already in use.

$smwgNamespaceIndex = "110";

# Note that we also modify $smwgNamespacesWithSemanticLinks in SMW_Settings.php
# so that our custom namespaces are allowed to use semantic annotations.

Namespace additions in SMW_Settings.php (the final comma seems odd, but that's how it was in the original file):
$smwgNamespacesWithSemanticLinks = array(
                      NS_MAIN => true,
                      NS_TALK => false,
                      NS_USER => true,
                 NS_USER_TALK => false,
                   NS_PROJECT => true,
              NS_PROJECT_TALK => false,
                     NS_IMAGE => true,
                NS_IMAGE_TALK => false,
                 NS_MEDIAWIKI => false,
            NS_MEDIAWIKI_TALK => false,
                  NS_TEMPLATE => false,
             NS_TEMPLATE_TALK => false,
                      NS_HELP => true,
                 NS_HELP_TALK => false,
                  NS_CATEGORY => true,
             NS_CATEGORY_TALK => false,
             SMW_NS_PROPERTY  => true,
        SMW_NS_PROPERTY_TALK  => false,
                  SMW_NS_TYPE => true,
             SMW_NS_TYPE_TALK => false,
               SMW_NS_CONCEPT => true,
          SMW_NS_CONCEPT_TALK => false,
                           IG => true,
                      IG_TALK => false,
                          DEV => true,
                     DEV_TALK => false,
                          DOC => true,
                     DOC_TALK => false,
                         ARCH => true,
                    ARCH_TALK => false,
                       D3PRIV => true,
                  D3PRIV_TALK => false,
Let me know if there's anything else you need to see.
Thanks in advance.

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