I've also encountered problems with using limits. I've got:
|?File Item=
|template=Gallery Format

The first results page with 12 images is fine, but when you click on "further results..." the second page is garbage. I think it's not handling the template right (if at all) on further results.

On 20/08/10 16:35, John Arrowwood wrote:
I have the following #ask query:

{{#if: {{{team|}}} | [[(team)::{{{team}}}]] }}
{{#if: {{{user|}}} | [[(person)::{{{user}}}]] }}
{{#if: {{{date|}}} | [[(date)::{{{date}}}]] }}
| format=table
| mainlabel=-
| ? .mainlabel.          = Date
| ? (person)             = Who
| ? (team)               = Team
| ? (work-for-yesterday) = Yesterday
| ? (planned-for-today)  = Today
| ? (impediments)        = Impediments
| ? (post-scrum)         = Post-Scrum
| limit = {{{limit|5}}}
| sort = (date)
| order = descending

I have accumulated enough daily updates that I see the ...futher results link.  When I click on it, I see two defects:

1. The 'mainlabel=-' is no longer honored.  So an extra column appears
2. the '.mainlabel.' column, which is supposed to be a link, is not interpreted as a link, it is raw text

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