25.06.2010 2:51, Muscu, Ram пишет:

[NOTE: sorry for any redundancy as it was mistakenly posted on to the semediawiki-user before]


We are building a simple threaded commenting system with each comment having its own title. On the form page for replying to a comment, I would like to display the title of the parent comment. For this, I provide parent comment id to the form page through query string hoping that parent's title can be extracted using a query and then displayed. However, on the form page, I am not able to use/display the parent comment id outside the "for template" where the parent id can only be seen inside its form box.


So, alternatively, I think of passing parent comment's title through query string. But I am still afraid that the title will have to be displayed inside a form box.


Another problem is getting parent comment's title displayed on the Edit page, which can be accessed through an Edit link made with Special:EditData.


Being new to wiki/smw, I cannot think of any other better options. Can someone please share any better ideas?


Thanks in advance!



I believe that it would be easier to use Extension:LiquidThreads rather than trying to build a commenting system based on SMW and templates.