If Wikipedia will only have the data but no query (because it's a burden for its servers), then maybe there should be software on the client to download the raw data and process the query locally. In some browsers, even javascript is fast enough for this, so that the browser can fill in the section of the page showing the query result. Has there been any thought along these lines.

On 4/23/2010 6:07 AM, Jeroen De Dauw wrote:
> How would they want to achieve that? Does SMW currently have some kind of "miser mode" similar to MW's miser mode?
SMW does currently not have the ability to have only the storage infrastructure. Markus is planning on making it modular in a way that this will be possible though. The main reason for this is to shrink the codebase to something that can be reviewed by some WMF people, which is a requirement to getting it onto any WMF wiki.

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