I set my PHP timeout limit to a very high value and let the RDF export run its course.

The file was eventually generated, apparently without error.

The RDF export contains what I expected to see - a list of properties for that one page.

It also contains things I did not expect in that file - every pages that this page links to is also included in the file, along with their own properties. 

Is that how the RDF export is supposed to be ?

- Laurent

On Jun 24, 2010, at 7:31 PM, Laurent Alquier wrote:

Hi all

Has anyone experienced poor performance on RDF exports since the upgrade to 1.5.1 ?

Most of my pages flat out time out on the Special:ExportRDF page, even after bumping up PHP timeouts to 240 seconds.

On pages that do come out (pages with only a handful of properties declared... as in less than 5) the RDF file seems to contain more details than I remember. In particular, I don't remember seeing that many details about pages linked to from the current page.

Can someone familiar with the internals of the RDF export double check that things are ok ?

I don't have a very high number of properties or properties values compared to some other SMW instances I know of.
I didn't notice any slow down in SMW queries either, and Special:Browse is very responsive.

The problem seems to be contained to ExportRDF so far.

- Laurent Alquier