^_^ hey, don't focus just on the gaming wiki...
One of my primary ideas for Wikia ACG (ie: Anime, Manga, Cartoons, Comics, and related games) was SMW.
Of course, it's still in it's infancy... Focusing on Anime ATM and need to work more on the content (Finding anime fans who are willing to document is proving to be harder than you'd think)

Think... Browsing a list of Anime, and their Characters, etc... By various semantic data; Track down a list of all Mecha series, with elements of Magic inside them. Or all male characters in any series which have an Ahoge. Perhaps even list all series created before a certain year, or filter that down to a specific genre.

Though, it'll be a little trickier, because I have to work with the fact that this is split among a number of wiki. (I might need to find a way of extracting semantic tags from one wiki, and inserting them into another).
~Daniel Friesen(Dantman) of:
-The Gaiapedia (http://gaia.wikia.com)
-Wikia ACG on Wikia.com (http://wikia.com/wiki/Wikia_ACG)
-and Wiki-Tools.com (http://wiki-tools.com)
Markus Krötzsch wrote:
Hi all,

Wikia -- major wiki hosting provider -- now supplies SMW to any wiki upon 
request! One of the first wikis that enabled the extension is the Psychology 
Wiki (http://psychology.wikia.com). Many more sites on Wikia suggest 
interesting and promissing uses of SMW (just consider all the online gaming 
wikis), and support from experienced SMW users is of course appreciated to 
ease the fruitful introduction of SMW on many such sites.

Here are some more links where you can find further information (and 
participate in discussions if you like):

SMW thread @central: 

SMW talk @psychology: 

SMW talk @gamewikis: 

Thanks to all users and contributors for helping SMW to take that important 




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