hey guys,
I'm having some trouble running SMW_refreshData.php on pages with the
"creates pages with form" property.

The idea is that if there's a page with a property pointing to a non-existant page,
and that property has the property "Creates pages with form::blah",
then a job task will be set up to create a page using form "blah", with the page name of the non-existant page.

Make sense? Anways, when I try to run SMW_refreshData.php, and it encounters one of those pages with the broken link. I get the error:

Empty $wgTitle in OutputPage::parse
#0 [internal function]: OutputPage->parse('This is a minor...', true, true)
#1 D:\xampp\htdocs\metwikiupgrade\includes\StubObject.php(58): call_user_func_array(Array, Array)
#2 D:\xampp\htdocs\metwikiupgrade\includes\StubObject.php(76): StubObject->_call('parse', Array)
#3 [internal function]: StubObject->__call('parse', Array)
#4 D:\xampp\htdocs\metwikiupgrade\includes\GlobalFunctions.php(740): StubObject->parse('This is a minor...', true, true)
#5 D:\xampp\htdocs\metwikiupgrade\extensions\SemanticForms\includes\SF_FormUtils.php(488): wfMsgExt('minoredit', Array)
#6 D:\xampp\htdocs\metwikiupgrade\extensions\SemanticForms\includes\SF_FormPrinter.php(1032): SFFormUtils::minorEditInputHTML(false, NULL, Array)
#7 D:\xampp\htdocs\metwikiupgrade\extensions\SemanticForms\includes\SF_LinkUtils.php(198): SFFormPrinter->formHTML('<noinclude>?Thi...', false, false, NULL, NULL, 'Some very long ...', NULL)
#8 D:\xampp\htdocs\metwikiupgrade\extensions\SemanticForms\includes\SF_LinkUtils.php(149): SFLinkUtils::createLinkedPage(Object(Title))
#9 [internal function]: SFLinkUtils::setBrokenLink(Object(SkinOntoSkin3), Object(Title), Array, '00.19.13', Array, NULL)
#10 D:\xampp\htdocs\metwikiupgrade\includes\Hooks.php(117): call_user_func_array(Array, Array)
#11 D:\xampp\htdocs\metwikiupgrade\includes\Linker.php(222): wfRunHooks('LinkEnd', Array)
#12 D:\xampp\htdocs\metwikiupgrade\includes\Linker.php(513): Linker->link(Object(Title), '00.19.13', Array, Array, 'broken')
#13 D:\xampp\htdocs\metwikiupgrade\includes\parser\LinkHolderArray.php(233): Linker->makeBrokenLinkObj(Object(Title), '00.19.13', '')
#14 D:\xampp\htdocs\metwikiupgrade\includes\parser\LinkHolderArray.php(115): LinkHolderArray->replaceInternal('<p><br />?</p>?...')
#15 D:\xampp\htdocs\metwikiupgrade\includes\parser\Parser.php(4101): LinkHolderArray->replace('<p><br />?</p>?...')
#16 D:\xampp\htdocs\metwikiupgrade\includes\parser\Parser.php(344): Parser->replaceLinkHolders('<p><br />?</p>?...')
#17 D:\xampp\htdocs\metwikiupgrade\extensions\SemanticMediaWiki\includes\jobs\SMW_UpdateJob.php(60): Parser->parse('{{Interactive F...', Object(Title), Object(ParserOptions), true, true, 3372)
#18 D:\xampp\htdocs\metwikiupgrade\extensions\SemanticMediaWiki\maintenance\SMW_refreshData.php(170): SMWUpdateJob->run()
#19 {main}

I think this is because this is running from a script, and therefor $wgTitle isn't set, because $wgTitle is supposed to be the title of the loaded page? is that right?

the part that expects the wgTitle to be in place is in the wiki core: includes/OutputPage.php
I dont' think I should be changing that.

But looks like that's only called because of the call in SF to
wfMsgExt('minoredit', Array)
Do we need that?
Or should I spoof up a wgTitle object when I first notice that it's null, somewhere in

Any Idea what's up? I'm using the SemanticForms 1.9.1, with the patch from Halo, just to make things a bit more complicated.

All my other versions of things are in line with the latest stable halo releases.

I feel like this may have been something I've fixed in the past, but lost due to upgrades.
Maybe Yaron remembers something about this...