He said that's the same show that stole Stuttering John away from them. Howard said he watched that but wanted to comment about the big merger between XM and SIRIUS.
He said that marriage really ruins things. Howard just laughed and Robin told him that Bubba was upset that he wasn't on the list at all.
Mel said that they would honor their contract of course. Howard said they did that on the show years ago.
Benjy said there was also a Sex in the Media protest going on so he went over and got involved with that.
He told Mel to go down to Washington DC and do his thing.
com under their most popular videos.
Artie knew him because he won a trip to the Playboy mansion with him. Howard said it really was nice that Alan won finally though. They will do what they have to to make that deal happen. The caller said that he wakes up at 6 in the morning and listens to every minute of the show. The guy said it was a close call and she wouldn't be happy that he was listening.
Lisa G said that there's a new web site called WhosDatedWho.
Howard said he's pretty sure that they may just lower the rates. Artie showed Howard a picture of a hot chick who wanted to come to a show of his but she was wearing a ring that looked like a wedding ring or something.
He said she's really like a guy who doesn't have any clue what to wear out.
He wanted to know what Mel thinks is the real probability that it will happen.
Howard mentioned that he's gotten out of watching ''Lost'' and ''Survivor'' lately. Howard and the guys talked about how the judge in the case of getting Anna Nicole buried finally. He wanted to know what Mel thinks is the real probability that it will happen.
He said now that he doesn't have ratings, they just make up some shit and dwell on that.
He figures that he should just lay low for a while and not do anything stupid.
He said that guy could never come over to satellite radio and bring an audience there. He had his shirt off and was dancing around with the girls.
He explained the whole monopoly thing and said that satellite radio isn't just competing against terrestrial radio because it's a pay service.