I have a template for news items. The template contains a news_title, news_date and news_detail. On the Category:News page I have a link (index.php/Special:AddData/News/News:{{CURRENTTIMESTAMP}}) that allows people to create a new news item. A new page named with the currenttimestamp is created in the news namespace, creating unique pages. I have semantic forms installed and users then enter the relevant data.
My problem is when attempting to display all the news items using an inline query. Naturally I don't want to display the page name ie News:20090101000000 because this is meaningless to the end users. I have no trouble displaying the news_title in the table however it is not a hyperlink. Is it possible to have the news_title display as a hyperlink to the actual article?
I have played around with inserting {{PAGENAME}} etc with no luck. I am obviously missing something.
Thanks in advance.