If one restricts usage of Category in the SMW to get the right semantics of instance and subclass, then it cannot be used for other things that one uses Category for in MW to put things into 'buckets'.
Say there is a discussion about two different classes (chimpanzees and gorillas). In the MW, you would just put the page into the chimpanzee and gorilla categories, and it would mean that this page was about these two topics. But if I do that in SMW, it will think that this comparison page is an instance of both chimpanzee and gorilla, which is wrong.
I could create a parallel class hierarchy and create categories called PageAboutTopicChimpanzee and PageAboutTopicGorilla and this page would correctly be interpreted as an instance of these categories. I would also have to re-create each sub-category link too.
This would work, but means you have to manually keep the two hierarchies in synch, which is not ideal.
What is the recommended way to put pages into 'buckets' in SMW?
Is this discussed somewhere already?
I welcome your thoughts.

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