Suppose you want to have a semantic template, for entering information such as a project proposal.
You want some outer level fields like:
* Title
* Author
* Objectives
* Summary
* Description
Some of these (e.g. Summary and Description) are text fields (i.e. datatyp properties with string as range.  One would like to  ALSO mark up the content in these fields semantically.
For example, in the Summary field, one might be asserting that another project is  closelyRelated to the project being proposed.
In principle, this would mean nested markup within a text field, which I presume is not allowed.

If one wants to have the markup of the detailed text itself, then one may have to give up the outer level template fields as being rdf properties, and instead just have a text header indicating them.
This means you cannot ask a question like: "I want to know about all projects whose Project Summary field mentions another project"
Has anyone else encountered this?
Does anyone have any good ideas about how to navigate the tradeoffs and do something useful?


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