Hey all,
I've been toying with the idea of making an extension, that would allow me to analyze the text on a wiki page, and produce properties from that analysis. One example could be, sending the text to openCalais, and which does semantic analysis. More likely would be my own internal entity recognition.

This would require access to the rendered content (I use a lot of templates), within some sort of function hook.

The way I imagine it working, is there would be some parser function, like {{#analyzetext:calais}} at the bottom of the page, which would be replaced with the property statements produced from the analysis.

Could someone point me to the right hooks to look for, that could give me the scope I need to do this?
I've created plenty of parserfunctions, but they typically deal with the data within the parser function call. The difference here is I want access to the processed and rendered (well, rendered templates, not the rendered html, I think) text of the entire page, instead.

Of course, I'd welcome any comments on a better way to accomplish my goal (doing full-text analysis of a wiki page, conditionally)

thanks all!