you may use {{#arraymap:{{{inventory|}}}|,|x|[[Inventory::x| ]]| |}}

On Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 6:44 PM, Daniel Werner <> wrote:

I use Semantic MediaWiki(SMW) 1.2 and already made some semantic templates
for my wiki-page to use them in articles.
Usage example:


In the proper template code I allocate inventory to a SMW Property called
"Inventory". The problem is, that in most cases there should be more than
one property-value assign to "inventory" like "apple" AND "banana" AND
"crossbow" and so on...
I know that this is possible with assign each of this values separate to the
property  "Inventory" like this: "[[Inventory::apple]] [[Inventory::banana]]
[[Inventory::crossbow]]" and so on... The problem is, I  cant use this way
in my template because I can`t know how much values I will get in the
template-code. So this must be a very dynamic and complicated template and I
think that's not the signification of SMW.
I found no way to assign all three propertie-values in one step, for example
something like "[[Inventory::apple,banana,crossbow]]".
So, is there any way to handle this?

Thanks a lot!

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