Hi.  I'm wondering if anyone knows how to make nested asks.  Essentially I would like make a nested set of queries such that: 1) The first query obtains a set of pages (this is standard using an 'ask'), and 2) the second query obtained a different set of pages that used the page names from the first set of pages.  So for example:

1) Obtain a set of pages:
Pages1Set = {{#ask:[[Category::Category1]] [[MyProperty::P1]]}}

2) Obtain a second set of pages that depend of the first:

for all elements of PagesSet
Pages2Set = {{#ask:[[Category::Category2]] [[MyProperty2::Page1Set(index).pageName]]}}
Page2SetTotal = Page2SetTotal + Pages2Set

3) Display the results in some table

I bet the syntax could be something like below, but this doesn't work:
{{#ask:[[Category::Category2]] [[MyProperty2::{{#ask:[[Category::Category1]] [[MyProperty::P1]]}}]]}}