Hello there!

Is there an effort to improve OntologyImport function?

I want to be able to import an owl file, which has classes with some restrictions, like "some_property only A" and "some_property exactly 2", and somehow bring these restrictions to a category. Once the classes (categories), restrictions and properties are imported, I could add values of properties to a page, and, when exporting it to OWL (using Special:ExportRDF, for instance), the individual related to this page would keep such properties.

Exemplifying: i've an owl file with class Person and Arm, property hasArm, and Person has two restrictions:
- hasArm only Arm
- hasArm exactly 2
If I import this file to mediawiki, create a page "Bill" categorized by Person, insert in this page [[hasArm::arm1]] and [[hasArm::arm2]], and export this page to OWL, this owl file will have the individual Bill related to the individuals arm1 and arm2 by the property hasArm.

Does Semantic MediaWiki do it? Do you intend to support such feature?

Is there any project/extension that does such thing??

I was thinking in store owl restriction in mediawiki inserting in a category page strings like:
[[has only restriction :: property_name]]
[[has cardinality restriction :: property_name : an_integer]]
[[has max restriction :: property_name : an_integer]]
and so on.

Also, set inverse properties. For instance, in a property page, insert:
[[has inverse :: some_property]]

What do you think about this approach?

João Olavo Baião de Vasconcelos
Ciência da Computação @ UFES