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Hi everyone,

This is the first Semantic Forms version announcement on the SMW list; I plan to have one here for every subsequent version... if you're not interested in Semantic Forms, feel free to ignore the rest. :)

Anyway, version 1.8 of Semantic Forms has been released; this version has the following additions and changes:

- the most important new feature, and the one that caused this version to jump up to 1.8, is that you can now set red-linked pages, pointed to by a property, to get automatically created with a form. This is a feature that's been requested for a long time; when I finally tried to implement it, it was a lot easier than what I expected; which is often the case (though not always!) Anyway, instead of "Has default form" for a property, you can now use "Creates pages with form"; adding that special property to a property page will make that property automatically create the pages that it points to, using the specified form, for those pages that don't exist yet.

- the FCKeditor for the "free text" input in the form, for those wikis that have FCKeditor installed, was fixed so that, by default, it lets the user disable FCK if they want. You can change it back to how it was, though, by adding a few lines in LocalSettings.php (the SF documentation explains how).

- handling of special HTML characters, like "&lt;", was finally fixed for textarea inputs (it was fixed for regular text entries in the last version). I hesitate to say that it's now fixed completely, but... well, one can hope.

- autocompletion was fixed for MediaWiki installations that use "binary" storage in their database; thanks to Patrick Nagel for the patch.

- in the 'RunQuery' page, the Javascript was fixed so that tables of query results show up with the column-sorting controls that they're supposed to have; thanks to Patrick Nagel for this fix as well.

- validation for the "integer" type, a type that no longer exists as of SMW 1.0, was finally removed. (The old "float" and "integer" were replaced by just "number").

- previously, if a date field in a form that had a time input as well was followed by a field without a time input, the time value from the first field incorrectly got propagated to the second field; this has now been fixed.

For more information, and to download, you can visit the SF homepage, here:

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