Thank you so much, S Page! You were right, that was the key :)

S Page <> wrote:
Nav Ail wrote:
> I installed the SMW 1.0.1 from sf,
> deleted old SMW tables and reinitialized the new ones,
> deleted recreated the test page
> and I get again the same problem ...
> (I refreshed and purged the page)

> again two facts boxes:

I notice in your Special:Version page that "Semantic MediaWiki (�е��и�
1.0.1)" appears *twice*, as does smwfSetupExtension, smwfSetupExtension
That's a bad sign, and is probably related to seeing two factboxes.
So repeat and re-check your installation very carefully.

Also you have several other extensions. Try disabling all of the others
while you get SMW working, and then if necessary reorder them.

If you can't find anything wrong, then you're probably going to have to
start debugging or profiling or putting trace lines like
echo "About to call hook setup/parse function/whatever lines
in your PHP files...

One thing you could try is putting __NOFACTBOX__ in the wiki text, it
might indicate whether parsing or the act of displaying the factbox is
messing up. But again, your doubled installation is key.

=S Page

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