Hi All-

I've been looking around for a solution to open up my database of books and I think Semantic MediaWiki might do the trick.  Can you tell me if I'm correct?

My site is www.textbookrevolution.org.  It's a list of links to free textbooks that I've found online, with capsule reviews.  It's set up in Textpattern using a mySQL database.  When I enter a book, I fill out a form with blanks for author, title, tags, etc.

I want to open up the site so that anyone can post a new book or review a book.  It seems that a wiki is ideal for this, but I don't want to give up the database structure.  Can anyone here tell me if Semantic MediaWiki will do the job?  If so, there might be a contract job for someone who could set it up on our servers and migrate the existing database in to Semantic MW.

On a related note, I may be getting RSS feeds of new free books as they're released by a couple of different publishers.  Is it possible to have these feeds automatically integrated into MediaWiki so that I don't have to go through and manually enter all the info?

Please CC me on any responses, as I'm not a subscriber to the mailing list since I'm not a user yet.


Jason Turgeon
Publisher, Textbook Revolution

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