Hi Don,


I don't know if you have come across the Halo roadmap for 2010. But we are planning to implement a search functionality, that can be used

a) as regular full text search engine

b) provides support of faceted browsing/filtering via properties and categories


see http://wiki.ontoprise.com/smwforum/index.php/Planned_features_for_SMW%2B/Faceted_Browsing




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> Subject: [SMW-devel] search extension development
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> Hi all,
> I've been experimenting with various search tools for SMW, and there's a lot a very cool features distributed amongst them.
> What I'd like to work on, is bring the features I like the most, together into one tool.
> What I've been digging lately:
> 1. Woogle4Mediawiki : this is the best indexer/free text search I've used so far. I like that it indexes the rendered page, which is necessary for all my externalData-built pages. And I've been happy with the kind of results I get, the ranking, etc. It works as a replacement to the existing search box.
> 2. Semantic Results Format, with the Simile/Exibit/Facet Result filtering. To me, this is totally awesome, and the best way to leverage all this semantic information in my pages.
> Here's how I'd really like my searching/filtering to work:

> 1.       A free-text search,
> like already exists, which uses woogle for the results.
> 2.       Then, on the results
> page, I?d like to see the individual results, along with facets for particular
> properties.  I?d like to use those facets to filter the search results.
> 3.       I?ll need to also be
> able to PICK which properties I want to use as facets, depending on the results
> returned.
> 4.       I may want to
> display particular properties for each returned page as well
> This functionality already exists, separately in different modules:
> ?Ask query?: syntax let?s me
> decide which terms I want to use as facets, and which terms I want to display
> ?Semantic Results Format? with
> ?Exhibit? : handles the display of the facets, and the filtering, using AJAX
> ?Woogle4Mediawiki? : handles the
> free-text search.
> What could be the best way to intergrate the intelligence of these various modules?
> I was thinking, one possibility, could be to extend the #ask query, to support a free-text search, which leverages woogle4mediawiki for that part of it, then uses those results to get the requested properties (using ASK syntax), passes through to Semantic Results Format, etc.
> What do you all think? Has work like this already been done? Are there existing function hooks I can tie in to? I wouldn't want to reinvent the wheel.
> Any comments, advice, criticism, etc greatly appreaciated.
> cheers!
> Don undeen
> Metropolitan Museum of Art
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