Hi Kelly,
This extension seems to very useful.Could you tell me how to do i18n for it. Maybe you can use Betawiki. I want to translate some message of it in Chinese (zh-tw).

2008/12/22 S Page <info@skierpage.com>
Kelly Jones wrote:
> Help beta-test a new semantic mediawiki extension at:
> All semediawiki syntax is supported with a powerful new addition.
> When you type: [[OtherPage!!Information about that page]] on ThisPage,
> it adds the text "Information about that page" to a special section on
> OtherPage. If it doesn't already exist, OtherPage is created.

It's very interesting way to make statements about another page!  I like
how users can always tell where the statements come from and know what
to edit to change them -- those are problems with other proposals to do

It seems you could use it to push inverse properties onto other pages so
on the Tom Cruise page you would say both
  [[has child::Suri Cruise]]
  [[Suri Cruise!!is child of [[has parent::Tom Cruise]]]]
(you'd use a template to make both annotations).

I see that on pages you have a third factbox
  Subjects having a relation to Sally
      Charlie Brown    Property:Sister
Are you adding properties here or just showing the "object of"
properties, similar to Special:Browse, in the page itself?
Is this a bonus feature of your "Semantic Annotations" extension?

=S Page

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