Hi Jack,

if you want to query an SMW installation from remote and re-use the results in other applications, I recommend checking out our Triplestore Connector [1]. It delivers the results as XML format (compliant with the SPARQL recommendation).

If you want to query semantic data in your wiki, coming from another SMW installation you should take a further look at the Exhibit result printer [2].


[1] http://smwforum.ontoprise.com/smwforum/index.php/Help:Basic_Triplestore
[2] http://projects.csail.mit.edu/wibit/wiki/index.php?title=Wibit

"Jack D. Pond" <jack.pond@psitex.com> hat am 9. Oktober 2009 um 19:55 geschrieben:

> We have several applications where we wish to cross-link semantic
> information - this is diametrically opposed to REPLICATING information.

> In an ideal world we would be able to specify a publishing service that
> would supply the results of a query (probably in XML format) to allowed
> external users, and a receiver that would go in-line in wiki text just as
> any other query - only this query would be going to the publisher who would
> respond as above.  Ideally it would be some time of specific extension to
> the {{#ask . . .}}, {{#show . . .}} functions on the query side, but would
> require some type of setup on the publisher side.

> I've looked at all the existing approaches, and except for External Data,
> I'm only coming up with replication (RDF/OWL) - which I do NOT want (for
> security, redundancy, latency, . . . purposes).  I do not want to keep "yet
> another copy" of information that must constantly be synchronized.

> Have I missed something?  Is there corresponding interest that would make
> the development of this functionality worth the effort?
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