Hi everyone

Myself and a number of other MW enthusiasts host a couple of MW-based sites that make use of SMW.

A problem I came across when working with semantic relations was the lack of inverse properties, a way to define a name for an opposite relation (A is part of B, therefore, B contains A).

I have attempted to fix this issue with some minor changes to the SMW code. I am sure this is an obvious feature SMW will eventually have, as noted in the documentation.

Here is an example of my use of the changes I made:

http://www.nazuz.com/wiki/Heading_up_%28sailing%29 // this page contains the semantic data

http://www.nazuz.com/wiki/Reducing_heeling_%28sailing%29 // this page has limited semantic data, but much inverse data

http://www.nazuz.com/wiki/Property:Is_a_method_of // The inverse property of "Is a method of" is defined here. ( [[Inverse::Property:Can be achieved by]] )

I also had to setup http://www.nazuz.com/wiki/Property:Inverse . // Explanation is on the page itself.

All in all the changes were limited, but I ran into trouble with the printfactbox method as it runs inside a parser hook, and the idea is to load inverse properties even if there are no semantic syntax matches on the page. The printfactbox is running from the skin in my version.

It would be nice to see this sort of possibility in future releases, as it provides a better way to navigate between pages using the semantic relations rather than the outdated category system. It is also a must for how-to wikis.

I don't know if someone else has already done this but this way my approach in any case.