I’ve got a status report form that lets users enter their status periodically on the same page using


    {{{for template|Status Report Record|multiple|add button text=Add Another Report}}}


70 seems to be the limit to how many can be added through the form.  I can click “Add Another Report”, get the 71st entry, and fill it in.  But when I save, the edit page refreshes and stays open for edit, and the entry is removed.   I’ve got exceptions enabled, but I don’t see anything listed or logged. 


If I add more entries editing the source instead, I can add “a lot” (I haven’t tried to test for a limit).


If there is a hard limit, perhaps based on some default setting, can I increase it?  Am I stuck because it’s tied to some resource pool which I’ve exceeded?  Or maybe this has been addressed in later versions of SF…


Thanks for reading.