Hi, all!


I have a feature request.  I have several articles whose sort order in the category tree is different from the article name, using the pipe trick in the Category: link, as


[[Category:category name|sorted as]]


But this doesn't affect how articles are sorted in SMW's special pages (i.e. Browse), SMW lists (such as at the bottom of any Property page), or special pages in extensions such as Semantic Drilldown (i.e. Browse data).  They're still sorted by article name in each case.


Would it be possible to address this, perhaps by creating a special property (such as "is sorted as::" or "has sort order::")?  It would be most convenient if I only had to specify the sort order once for (and on) any given page.


Of course, if there's already a way to do this, I'd love to know about it.