Umm, to be technically precise, an "spo statement" as I was thinking about it at the time I wrote it, was the RDF Statement resource model, which of course entails a subject, predicate, and object. Documents -- in their logical sense -- are composed of little more than instances of RDF Statement... they also happen to be chock full of presentation properties with associated context and metadata (Dublin Core) properties. Eventually I'd like to see those RDF Statements stored in a namespace associated with the document, eg the Talkspace, but it certainly can be a new, SMW metaspace such as Laurent spoke, one that is formally its "a-box" I think it's called in the semantic community, ie every Subject-space page has both a Talk-space page and a separate "Fact-space" page. For instance, Factbox: would be the standard name of a fact-space namespace for pages in the Main: namespace. Property_Factbox: is the standard name of a factspace namespace for pages in the Property: namespace. and so on.
Hope that helps.

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I'm confused about a few things - John:

- what do you mean by "logical properties" and "presentation properties"?
- what's a "spo statement"?