Hmm you raise some interesting possibilities however it seems that a generic capability to store spo triples about any wikipage is much more ambitious than what I'm suggesting. In my proposal, queries do not change whatsoever; howebver the SH approach would involve compound queries, first of the subject-page's own triples, and then of the other-namespace-page's set of triples to identify those whose subject is the subject-page. That said, your suggestion is an absolute requirement for instance in the legal arena whose documents have nothing BUT spo statements (albeit couched in lovely legalese) that is of course, if one is not interested in documents being the result of a massive number of cascading transclusions!!! Thanks for your thoughts. John
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I can see a use for this sort of thing with any automated annotation application.

It would be nice to have a way to store complex, arcane annotations without overloading the wiki page itself.

It doesn't have to be in the talk page, maybe a separate name space altogether, but being able to extend annotations of one page to the same page in a different name space could have some benefits.

A practical example is the Semantic History extension :

Having these annotations in a separate namespace and still related to the original page would help.

- Laurent