This is again the same post. I post it again because something was wrong

with my email acount which makes the mail almost illegible. E Excuse me.


First of all, I'd like to congratulate all developers and users for the

excellent work there're doing. SMW is an amazing tool. I'm a medical

doctor and i'm triying to set up a medical wiki to guide other doctors

in finding the correct analitical test for a suspected pathology. I've a problem when i try to use queries to retrieve pages from a

category like:

{{#ask: [[category: _mycategoryname_ ]]}}

I only get the a link to _mycategoryname_ instead of a list of all the

pages bellonging to _mycategoryname_.But when i ask for properties, i

get the expected results. This is to say a list of pages which have the

specified property.

I guess the problem has something to do with my customization of

namespaces, but i haven't use any custom namespace of my own.

I had run the maintenance script SMW_refresdata.php -vftp and again 

using the modifier -v, as it was said in a previous thread (Bug in

ask#?), without satisfactory results.

I tried many different configuration changes but i've been unable to

find out a solution yet.

I'm using:

-mediawiki 1.12.0

-semantic mediawiki 1.3

-php 5.2.3

-mysql 5.0.45

Please, could anybody help me to find out a solution?