==How to sort by second name==
Hello, I am quite new in this beautiful field od semantic wiki. Does anybody know how to sort by second name, not by first name?
In our wiki we are writing like <nowiki>[[Category:Artist|Second name, name]]</nowiki> and when I am writing an inline queries, I would like to have it also in this way.
So insted of:
<ask>[[Category:Actor]][[born in::*]]</ask>
I would like to get this:
;Andy Anderson 
;Matthijs van de Sande Bakhuyzen
;Jim Bakkum
;Benny Benson
;Amanda Bynes
;Nicolas Cage
;Charly Checker
;Sacha Baron Cohen
;Melody Klaver
;Gregory Peck
;Channing Tatum  
Or should I ask this somewhere else?