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Release of SemanticScuttle 0.86

Finally, bookmarks are grouped by url !

Here all the small changes of this release:
* Bug fix: correct antispam question feature
* Interface design: normalize URL when adding (remove final "/")
* Interface design: group similar URL
* Interface bug fix: improve linked relations into structured links box
* Interface bug fix: improve display of structured tags into alltags and populartags page (problem of div size)

Posted by Benjamin HKB 2008-01-24

Release of SemanticScuttle 0.85

SemanticScuttle explores new features for Social Bookmarking.

Here the changes of this last version 0.85:
* New feature: Add stats (nb children, nb descendants, depth, nb update) to structured tags
o Allow to visualize structured tags according to stats
o Add admin page to update stats from the existing structured tags in the database
* Translation: improve French translation (add missing translations, transform "labels" into "tags")
* New feature: List all users in a users page and users block on the front page
* Interface design: Transform recent bookmarks into last bookmarks on front page (to avoid blank front page)
* Interface design: Add structured tags in a right box on the front page
* New feature: Antispam question to register
* New feature: Allowing a subtitle message, managable in the configuration file.
* Interface design: Redesign menu (search box, sort buttons, top and right menu)
* Interface design: Make URLs appear under bookmarks
* Debug: correcting a problem to log out (bugs from Scuttle).

Posted by Benjamin HKB 2008-01-22

ScuttlePlus becomes SemanticScuttle

We found another project derivated from Scuttle and called ScuttlePlus ( It offers an administrative backend to Scuttle.

To avoid problems, we changed the name of our project into SemanticScuttle (thanks to an option of SourceForge). But this option is enabled just once every six months, so we hope no other projects explores semantic aspect of scuttle. ;o)

Posted by Benjamin HKB 2008-01-14

Release 0.8

ScuttlePlus is launched.

This first version add basic links between tags. Now a user can include a tag into another one. For example, if a user annotate a bookmark with "europe>france>paris" then this bookmark will be described with "paris" but will also be findable through the tags "europe" and "paris".

A box "Linked tags" appears on the right to manage the relations between tags.

Posted by Benjamin HKB 2008-01-09

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