no valid pages found for option resource

  • Marcel

    Marcel - 2009-02-14

    I am receiving the message:

    "no valid pages found for option resource"

    Do you know what could be?


    • Rob Challen

      Rob Challen - 2009-02-14

      It is trying to tell you that it cannot find a valid page (or pages) as the starting point for the graph. So as a minimum option for any of the graphing functions is:

      {{#sgraph: resource = <some page name> }}

      <some page name> must be valid page name in the wiki - check that spelling / case is OK. You can try capitalising the first letter. Are they any unusual characters in the page title (I'm not sure whether it works with all international characters)?

      usually you would want to have come more options - especially if you have some semantic property network you want to graph


      {{#sgraph: resource = <some page name> | property = <some property> | depth = 2 }}

      depth here controls how many levels you want to go. if you don't specify a property the graph will follow all wikilinks and category links. in an average wiki this can lead to very big graphs quickly so best to start small. If you do specify a property the property page must actually also exist (and not just be implied by other pages)

      Hope that helps.



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